Drayton Court Hotel – Tamworth’s Finest Quintessentially British Afternoon Tea

It’s quite funny really isn’t it, the concept of taking something as simple as a “cup of tea” and turning it in to something that is as iconic as it is indulgent.  People all over the world associate the act of “Afternoon Tea” as something Brits do every day – many even travel 1000’s of miles to participate – little do they know that it’s just as much of a treat for us as it is for them.

At Drayton Court we pride ourselves in offering a truly authentic experience and we are experiencing an ever growing demand for this service; from parties to meetings to “just because we can” but this got us thinking… “Where exactly did the notion of Afternoon Tea come from?”

As it turns out, the concept was born from one quite hungry and very influential lady. Afternoon tea was introduced in England by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in the year 1840. The Duchess would become hungry around four o’clock in the afternoon. The evening meal in her household was served fashionably late at eight o’clock, thus leaving a long period of time between lunch and dinner. The Duchess asked that a tray of tea, bread and butter (some time earlier, the Earl of Sandwich had had the idea of putting a filling between two slices of bread) and cake be brought to her room during the late afternoon. This became a habit of hers and she began inviting friends to join her.

Fast forward nearly 200 years and we are still flying Anna’s flag high in shear defiance of having to wait such a long time between lunch and dinner, and rightly so, it’s not like it’s a chore to meet with friends and sit down to a proper pot of tea with a hearty selection of freshly made sandwiches and homemade cakes, all served on a silver tiered tray that couldn’t look more British if it tried.

So with that in mind, why not gather your nearest and dearest and book Afternoon Tea at Drayton Court Hotel… you can even dazzle your friends with a brief history of the whole event courtesy of this very article (so we even have the conversation covered). Call us on 01827 285805 to book today.

Afternoon tea is served daily for £17.95 per person and must be booked in advance.

For reservations please call 01827 285805 or Book Online